About Millennial Investor

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Millennial Investor was founded in with a simple goal: help people navigate the complex world of investing so they can be successful investors. We're making it our mission to simplify the complex world of investing so that you can build wealth.

We provide expert guides, reviews, tutorials, and more to help you understand the what, when, why, and how to investing and building wealth.

Who We Are

Millennial Investor is wholly owned by The College Investor, LLC (TCI), a privately held California-based company founded in September 2009.

TCI's mission is to help you navigate the complex financial decisions that you will have to make at each step of your journey. We provide advice, guidance, guides, and review tools to help you make better decisions.

There are thousands of financial products and services out there, and we believe in helping you understand which is best for you, how it works, and will it actually help you achieve your financial goals. We're proud of our content and guidance, and the information we provide is objective, independent, and free.

Meet The Team

Robert Farrington

Robert Farrington


Robert Farrington is the Editor-In-Chief of Cult of Money and the CEO of The College Investor. He has over a decade of experience in digital media, and enjoys helping people navigate their personal finances.

He received is B.A. and M.B.A. from UC San Diego.

Chris Muller

Chris Muller

Business Strategy

Chris Muller handles business performance and strategy at Millennial Investor. He has been working in the financial sector for most of his career.

He received a B.S. and M.B.A. from Cleveland State University.

Elizabeth Shutty

Elizabeth Shutty


Elizabeth Shutty manages advertiser partnerships at The College Investor. She loves connecting with brands and building relationships, especially in the affiliate space. Originally from Kansas City, she now lives in Mexico City!

Lisa Farrington

Lisa Farrington


Lisa Farrington is our managing editor, where she brings almost a decade of deep analytical insight to Millennial Investor

She received a B.S. from San Diego State University.

Editorial Standards

We work hard to ensure that all of the articles on our site are unbiased, accurate, and help you make a better decision.

Our goal is to offer unmatched educational content, as well as independent and unbiased product and service reviews. We continually evaluate the content across our site to update or re-write information as needed. Any content that has been updated is date-stamped to reflect this.

We don’t make recommendations for you to buy, sell, or hold securities or investments. All content we create is designed to provide information, context, analysis, and comparison to help you make better decisions.

Correction Policy

The accuracy of our information and content is of utmost importance. We place a high priority to ensure we are delivering factually accurate content.

It's important to distinguish between "evergreen" educational content, reviews, and news. All of our evergreen educational content is fact-checked by an editor prior to publishing, and routinely updated with the latest information.

Reviews are designed to be a "snapshot" of the product at the time of review. As such, reviews may not contain all of the latest features - it's important to readers to check the date of a review. However, as products are updated, we do strive to review new features and services as the emerge. Our reviews will reflect the updated dates.

News articles typically cover a specific event or period of time. As such, they are not included in our routine update process.

However, if we uncover an error of fact, we will correct the content as quickly as possible.

We also welcome our readers’ input for to accuracy and fact-checking. If you believe we have published an error in any of our content, please let us know and we will investigate.

About The College Investor Media

The College Investor Media's brands reach over 1 million users each month, with a strong focus on personal finance and investing. We hope to help people build wealth by navigating money decisions with confidence.

Our main properties are The College Investor and Cult Of Money. 

The College Investor:  The College Investor helps people get out of student loan debt to start investing and building wealth. The College Investor reaches over 1 million people per month.

Cult Of Money: Cult of Money is all about personal finance for the crypto-curious, with a large focus on cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and more.

Millennial Investor: Millennial Investor is our newest brand, helping people navigate the complex world of investing.